I love seeing artists’ reference selfies side-by-side with the finished work! So, here are some of mine, from this here Chinfographic.

Reference is important! Just don’t use Photobooth, like I did…

I have never been more attracted to some one than now 

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Constructed Language (Conlang)

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remember, most things are social constructs. Invent your own for a totally original world!

And if the earth features, think about how that impacts things

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A woman pours so much hand sanitizer on her hands that it runs off and spills all over the floor. It is pooling at her feet. She continues pouring it. A security guard comes over. Ma’am, you’re causing a disturbance. I’m going to have to ask you to leave. The security guard slips, falls. The security guard is covered in hand sanitizer. The security guard is so clean. The woman is so clean. The woman’s hands are so clean.

Damn you can’t take Lady McBeth anyway 

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Little ryuko sketches because I”m not cool enough to do sexy things 

My traditional animation character sheet. 

the assignment was to create a tooney Animal and I decided to go with my favorite animal in all creation IE Hyenas. 

I’ve never drawn an extremely top heavy character, dear sweet jesus is she fun to draw. A stocky girl who cares about her body but don’t give two shit what others think. 

Freckles kind of feels like my asexual mascot. To busy working on her guns to chase after tail

Is it okay not to like OC/canon romance 

I ask this question because it litereally makes me cringe every time I see like Blah blah blah comes to town and can (canon character) resist her femine wiles huehuehuehuehue


So I heard you like pompadours…

welp there go my pants

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筋肉ヒロイン等 | カ☆ヂ

for some reason when I see this picture the only thing I can think of is. 

"why is that strange girl fallowing you Sister" 

"I could say the same for you brother" 

*mindless peppy dialog in the back ground*


remember when gamagoori was normal sized and wasn’t freakishly huge

No No i do not remember this time 

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Ira Gamagori

Sex change

there are an infinitesimal ways I would hit this to the first last day of the week 

TRACK: Whip your blumenkranz like you're on the edge of THE HOOPPONPONPON



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i’m so, so, so sorry

funny fact: ponponpon, edge of glory, and whip it all have the same bpm

this is a good I like very much